March Shows Not to Miss

After you check out Christie Blizard’s show at Women and Their Work, here are a few other March shows you may not want to miss:

Michael Menchaca: Of Migratus

Of Migratus will be on view from March 24th to April 15th at Red Space Gallery. An opening reception will be held from 7 to 10pm on March 24th.

For Of Migratus, Menchaca presents a narrative framing the contemporary Mexican diaspora to the United States as a dysfunctional cartoon. Using a familiar saturday-morning-cartoon format, the video portrays the story of a coyote hired by downtrodden felines to be illegally smuggled into the US. Reflecting video games, mythology, and dark humor, Menchaca offers a new way of interpreting the harsh realities faced by illegal immigrants. The exhibition presents the work as an installation, configuring the gallery into a diorama. Of Migratus works as a supplement to the artist’s current project, The Codex Migratus, a series of screen-prints chronicling stories of illegal immigration along US-Mexican border.

Lacy Van Court: Between Hay and Grass

March 24th-May 23rd, 2012 at Paloma Botanical Beauty Parlor

In the still moments of life, there is a flattening. Things stop making sense the way they used to, and a new logic emerges: The viewer becomes loosened in space. A room becomes a wall; a corner becomes a peak; a table becomes a diamond.

In her first solo exhibition, “Between Hay and Grass,” the artist Lacy VanCourt, explores this idea of the two-dimensional moment in time. Images are wrested from their original contexts and patterns emerge, drawing attention to surface, color, and texture. The outcomes are tactile, discontinuous, and ambiguous paintings where dreams and reality collide, reminding us that the very things that surround us — what the artists refers to as our “personal encyclopedia of objects” — are no more than parts in the pattern of moments that take up the space between hay and grass, life and death or, most simply, now and then.

Jennifer Balkan: Peep Holes

March 3 – 31, 2012 at the Wally Workman Gallery

With a PhD in Sociology and having studied behavioral neuroscience, Jennifer Balkan’s paintings explore the human psyche in paintings of people interacting with each other or with you, the viewer. Usually viewed from the waist up, these subjects are pinned against a background of circles, almost as if they are getting their passport photos taken, but rather than being told to sit still, they are encouraged to carry on their daily task and forget about the camera. Balkan’s thick application of paint and wonderful use of color create beautifully molded skin and playful or nostalgic moods, as the case may be.


March 2 – 31 at Gallery Shoal Creek

Drawing on the Japanese woodblock masters and European painting masters, Milt Kobayashi combines the two influences to create fresh-looking paintings that harken to a distant past. These old world influences, however, seem fresh and new in Kobayashi’s hands.  It is hard to place his figures in a particular time period, even in their real world settings, which contributes to these figures being uniquely the artist’s own.  His subjects have Ruben-esque rounded, pink noses or cheeks that almost glow in contrast to the greenish pallor of the rest of the face or body. His figures, mostly women, are often enclosed in interior settings and while only one of his paintings is titled “Idle Time” many of them seem to be listlessly waiting for something or simply shooting the breeze. The richly painted backgrounds harken to the Impressionists in the physicality of paint application that creates space yet borders on abstraction.


About Women and Their Work Gallery

Known for its pioneering spirit, embrace of artistic innovation, and commitment to Texas audiences and artists, Women & Their Work Art Space is a one of a kind statewide non-profit organization. Voted “Best Gallery” numerous times in the Austin Chronicle Readers Poll, Women & Their Work Gallery showcases exhibitions of contemporary art throughout the year and presents performances, readings, film screenings and educational outreach programs.
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