Curious about the Curio Cabinet??


As a kid, I witnessed my mother/grandmother/greatgrandmother/lady neighbor all packing their houses/closets/offices with stuff.  This need to collect has been a consistent point of tension between my mother and I – forever.   Are women’s collections important or different? Why collect at all?

This Wednesday night in the gallery, Dr. Melinda Barlow explores how women have historically used found objects (my mother’s porcelain cats included) to create identity.

Gertrude Whitney - a woman defined by her collection

We are excited to have Dr. Barlow in the house – all the way from the University of Colorado, Boulder.  Barlow is a fim and video historian concentrated on the work of women film and videographers. Currently, she is writing a memoir focusing on film, female identity and art collecting titled My Museum, and her book Lost Objects of Desire: Video Installation, Mary Lucier, and the Romance of History, is forthcoming from the University of Minnesota Press.

7pm sharp at the gallery.  Don’t miss out.

-Rachel Neel 












About Women and Their Work Gallery

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