Can’t Decide Where to Go this E.A.S.T? Support Women and Their Work Artists and Friends!

A host of talented artists who have showed at Women and Their Work in Solo Shows and generously donated for the group show and fundraiser, Red Dot,will be participating in this year’s E.A.S.T. Find these Artists on your map or catalog:

  • Andrew Long
  • Andy St. Martin
  • April Garcia
  • Arleen Polite
  • Ben Appl
  • Caitlin McCollom
  • Caroline Wright
  • Christa Mares
  • Debra Broz
  • Ethan Azarian
  • Germaine Keller
  • Ian Shults
  • Jacqueline May
  • Jamie-Jo Fisher & Chris Campbell
  • Jana Swec
  • Jennifer Chenoweth
  • Jon Lawerence
  • Katy Horan
  • Lacey Richter
  • Lisa Crowder
  • Mary-Kathryn Briggs
  • Matt Lankes
  • Peggy Weiss
  • Philippe Klinefelter
  • Phillip Wade
  • Ryan McKerley
  • Sally Weber
  • Sandy Carson
  • Sunyong Chung
  • Virginia Fleck
  • Wura-Natasha Ogunji

The E.A.S.T. happenings will Also include “Eyes Got It!”(F-14) an art competition in which our very own programs director Rachel Koper will be publicly judging contestants hoping to win a solo show at Pump Project and a multitude of goodies and prizes. Audience members also have the opportunities to win prizes by participating in games.

Please also kindly visit and support these  friends of Women and Their Work:

Co-Lab (E-10), Art Post (E-49), The Vortex(E-28), Big Medium (E-20)

Lastly for your E.A.S.T. catalog, we’ve got ya covered. Come pick one up here at the gallery, but do it quick they’re flying off the shelf!


About Women and Their Work Gallery

Known for its pioneering spirit, embrace of artistic innovation, and commitment to Texas audiences and artists, Women & Their Work Art Space is a one of a kind statewide non-profit organization. Voted “Best Gallery” numerous times in the Austin Chronicle Readers Poll, Women & Their Work Gallery showcases exhibitions of contemporary art throughout the year and presents performances, readings, film screenings and educational outreach programs.
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