The Weekly Art Hit: Abi Daniel at Birdhouse

Ah, My Pet! Is quite the whimsical show which opened at Birdhouse on Friday November 5th. This is my first time to visit the gallery Birdhouse. I am quite impressed, it’s a lovely space and Daniel’s works mesh with uncanny perfection within the appropriated old east Austin house.

Her show was extremely diverse incorporating drawings, etchings, paintings, sculptures, found-objects, and needle-point. A bit all over the place, but as I moved though the house each new room delivered something new, and that was refreshing. The below image, a needle point titled I Miss You, really epitomizes this show’s combination of craft and concept.

The 2-d work was illustrative and quaint but the installation and sculpture packed such strong conceptual punch, that it delivered the interest I needed to linger at Birdhouse. The front room held a painted white cuckoo-clock which instantly caught my attention. This piece, titled Ensuring Purity, is quite the gem— my favorite piece by far. Upon close inspection, a little bird skull lit up in honey colored light adorns the space where the traditional cuckoo bird would be.

Close by is a drawing of the same stripped birds on the clock.

Moving through the space, the etchings and small drawings were neatly arranged in little decorative frames.

Everything had a feel of other-worldly antiques and heirlooms, and that was probably heightened by the space. That is to say, Her works were meticulously well-made, and employed a kind of illusion in their craftiness, as things truly belonging to the old house, but now forgotten.

Overall, the show had instant appeal and was nicely put together. I look forward to seeing what else Daniel can bring the Austin art scene.

Abi Daniel will be stop number 40 at this year’s East Austin Studio Tour located at 3012 E. 2nd Street, don’t miss your chance to catch her. The E.A.S.T. website is located here:

Abi Daniel’s web presence is located at

That’s all I’ve got today, look for the Weekly Art Hit on Fridays

Caitlin G. McCollom



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