Austin Art Community Call to Action

It’s time for the Austin Art community to show up. The candidates running for mayor and city council will be at the Paramount on Wednesday, April 1 at 7pm to tell us their platform for the arts in Austin. The art community needs to represent, or the powers that be will think the arts can be put on the back burner and no one will care.

Robert Faires of the Austin Chronicle makes a great point:

“… collectively the creative sector in Austin – music, film, the arts, digital media, et al. – generates $2.2 billion in economic activity every year and employs 44,000 people. That sector is not only responsible for a lot of the city’s international rep (Austin City Limits, Slacker, Stevie Ray, Willie, South by Southwest, to name a few), but it’s grown steadily over the past 30 years, even through the real estate and dot-com busts. Hey, if you’re looking for economic stability …

But when money gets tight, if anything gets cut faster than library hours, it’s arts and culture. And part of the reason is we don’t show up. Let’s not make that mistake this time. A packed Paramount would send a pretty powerful message to City Hall. I think I saw it on a trailer at the SXSW Film Festival: Creativity is all. All is creativity.”

So, show up Austin!!

I’ll never forget the story I heard about the lack of the helmet law in TX. When congress was going to vote on whether or not to make riding a bike or motorcycle illegal without a helmet, hundreds of motorcycle riders circled the capital, so much so that the congressional chamber shook. The result? The law didn’t pass and still to this day you can risk your life by riding helmetless. Now, we don’t have motorcycles, but we do have the numbers if people will just show up. Let’s demand the respect and visibility we deserve!

About Women and Their Work Gallery

Known for its pioneering spirit, embrace of artistic innovation, and commitment to Texas audiences and artists, Women & Their Work Art Space is a one of a kind statewide non-profit organization. Voted “Best Gallery” numerous times in the Austin Chronicle Readers Poll, Women & Their Work Gallery showcases exhibitions of contemporary art throughout the year and presents performances, readings, film screenings and educational outreach programs.
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