Work Call Photographic Possibilities


Work Call Photographic Possibilities, Third Edition

Now reviewing images utilizing alternative and classic photographic methods as part of the creation process for possible inclusion in Photographic Possibilities: The Expressive Use of Ideas, Materials and Processes, Third Edition.

In print since 1990, Photographic Possibilities provides an inspiring and reliable gateway about how photo-based imagemakers utilize analog processes to realize their visions.

All photo-based concepts and processes using an analog component in all or part of the creation process are welcome. Contemporary and non-traditional ideas and techniques will be emphasized, but classic fine art methods are most welcome. Major topics of interest include: special films and cameras; contact negative making; alternative and non-silver processes; combination and unique processes; artists books; collage, hand-altered; toning; installations and three-dimensional work; as well as analog-digital crossovers.

This revised, expanded, and full-color edition will be published and internationally distributed by Elsevier’s Focal Press and will feature chapters on:

History of Photographic Printmaking, Special Use Films and Processing, Digital Negative Making, Preparing Your Own Formulas, Black-&-White Film Developer, Printmaking: Equipment, Materials and Processes, Black-and-White Paper Developers, Toning for Visual Effects, Special Cameras and Equipment, Introduction to Some Widely Used Alternative Processes, Altering Photographic Concepts, Safety

Please send the following materials:




1). CD with small, quick opening JPEG files. Please include high-quality, contact size printouts (no more than 10 per page) or small reference prints of all images with identification. Also add all text documents in Word on your CD and provide hardcopy of each text document. Include your name on all material as people in different locations will be reviewing the work.

2). Image checklist with an ID for each work that includes: title, date, size, and process.

3). Artists’ statement

4). Detailed technical addendum that specifically details process, methods, and techniques that enabled your vision to be realized. This data is ESSENTIAL for placing the work within the book’s framework. We are particularly interested artists willing to share their formulas and working procedures (on-page credit will be given).



Include a brief explanation of the relationship between your thinking process and working methods and how this combination affects your results, which may be included in extended captions.


We can NOT consider work sent as email. Do not send original materials. Every effort will be made to properly handle submissions, but we assume no responsibility for its return. Include a SASE (self-addressed, stamped envelope), if your wish your materials returned. Please enter the subject heading Photographic Possibilities in all email correspondence to avoid the Junk folder.

Send materials no later than August 31, 2007 (earlier is better) to

Robert Hirsch

Photographic Possibilities

146 Newfield Street

Buffalo, NY 14207-1650 USA


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